Be Coached by Jessie
IN The SElf-Love Unlocked™ Training Program
Break free from self-criticism, harmful social conditioning, and limiting beliefs in this seven-week program. Dive deep to unearth an unconditional love and acceptance for yourself through mindset training, healing, and coaching. All gender identities welcome.
Have you ever put an intention out there and then the universe provided an opportunity to go for it?  That happened to me with Jessie’s coaching program Self-Love Unlocked.  It changed my life forever––and the expansion continues everyday.  To say I highly recommend her work is an understatement.  
-Chava M.
Become a Self-Love Coach
Learn how to coach clients online anywhere in the world using Jessie's proprietary curriculum. This comprehensive program equips you with the coaching, business, and marketing skills to go out and get working with your first clients, even if you've never done coaching before. All gender identities welcome.
"As of January 2020, I've become a Self-Love Coach-in-training through this program. I am excited at the possibilities! I can't tell you how pleased I am to be working with Jessie in this endeavor. With her multi-modality approach, she captures the very ESSENCE of reinventing one's self from the inside out! Jessie has quickly become one of my greatest allies. I am SO ready to empower others to INFUSE THEIR LIFE WITH ACTION!"  -Cindy B. 

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