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‘I Will Rise’ Single OUT NOW!

On July 24th, 2020, 'I Will Rise', Jessie and Josh’s debut single, was released on all major streaming platforms. The official music video is listed above. If you’d like to listen to the song here on this page simply click the embedded BandCamp music player below.

Note: If you’d like to purchase our new song, we welcome you to buy it directly from BandCamp as they compensate artists the most of any platform out there. You can click "download" on the player below. The price is currently set to name-your-price and we THANK YOU for your support of our music. We look forward to releasing more sound healing music like this in the near future!

For a complete list of links to our music, please click this Smart Music URL to go to a page that will direct you to all the places our music is currently streaming and available for purchase:

From Idea to Reality

In the Summer of 2018, Jessie approached her longtime friend and music collaborator Josh about creating original music together based on a collection of affirmations she wrote while developing her Self-Love Unlocked™ coaching program. They set out to explore this concept, for which Jessie made weekly ferry trips to Josh's home studio in Kitsap, WA. In about 6 months' time, they had created eight original pieces for the album.

Until now, their sound healing music has only been available to Jessie's private coaching students, but both Josh and Jessie have the desire to release this music far and wide to connect with as many minds and hearts as possible.

Healing Vibrations

From JESSIE: "When I created my coaching curriculum, I felt called to integrate music as a supplemental healing tool because I've experienced its transformative effects firsthand. When I was younger and still coming to terms with my body's physical differences, I could barely speak or be social with others. But, making music through dance became my favorite language––my safe haven for self-expression––and a way to create meaningful connections with others from the inside out.

Music and dance have taught me how to love my body, how to root deeply in it, and how to feel connected with my own power in a visceral way. It's been an outlet to practice embracing emotions instead of denying them. After all, emotions are energy in motion. When we move the body, we move energy through it. As simple as it may seem, we often forget the power in this practice. And you don't have to be a professional to do it... You can move or sing to music every day in your living room."
Stay tuned for the global release of the full Sound Healing for Self-Love Album from Jessie Sawyers x Josh Rawlings coming soon.

From JOSH:  "People often say music is a universal language that can connect us all and speak to all hearts alike. My earliest and fondest experiences with music were noticing the almost hypnotic effect it had on transforming my emotions and the emotions of those around me. I’ve used music as a therapeutic means to express what words and thoughts simply cannot. It has helped me surrender to the peace of the present moment so many times when I’ve felt lost in life. 

I truly look forward to every chance I get to let the playful muse of music invite me and listeners to dance, surrender, and feel that deeper knowing of our loving, interconnected selves in this world."

A Dedication to Tap Dance

This concert was called  "The Oscar Peterson Experience," in honor of the famed late jazz pianist. Jessie also spent time teaching tap dance classes as part of the festival's faculty. 
This guest performance was the second time Jessie appeared onstage bald after shaving her head to find full acceptance of her hair loss!
To contact Jessie regarding private tap dance mentorship, or to book her to teach or perform at your facility, festival, or other event, click here.  
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