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Getting Unlocked: How to Evolve Yourself Through the Power of Self-Love

We all face seasons of loss and devastation in our lives that make us hide from the world and question our very existence. Through three decades of rising above extreme adversity, Jessie Sawyers has emerged to articulate a new paradigm of self-acceptance.

2nd Edition Coming Soon!
Getting Unlocked Book


Author. Speaker. Coach. Internationally Acclaimed Tap Dancer and Musician.

Jessie has endured 25 corrective surgeries as a result of being born with birth defects as well as hair loss for over 20 years. Jessie's challenges have propelled her along an intentional path of getting unlocked from everything that conceals her true self—and helping others do the same.


book reviews

“Reading Jessie’s book, I felt that I was being touched by the words of a friend sitting right there with me. It is well constructed, easy to process and thought provoking. If ever there was a champion for those who may have faced life altering difficulties with the most positive mental attitude, it is Jessie. Readers can learn strategies to reframe how they approach life. I highly recommend!!!”

- JasonandLiz

“Jessie stands tall and stays true to her values and teachings with an enjoyable read. If you haven’t listened to her yet, check out her podcast as well.” 

- Amber S.

“[...] On my own path of recovery and healing this year I discovered how much Jessie Sawyers has to offer through her online courses and now this fantastic book she's written. She gets how trapped we've become in modern society and the common human struggles/pitfalls we've surely all experienced in our lives [...] She has found relatable and clear ways to grasp how we can evolve in our lives right here and now to feel more connected and in love with our true selves. [...]”

- Josh R.

How jessie can help

Work with Jessie


Become a Published Author

Do you have a personal story you’d love to share with the world? In this program, we help writers become published authors through our Stories of Humankind anthology series that gives voice to people of all kinds sharing stories of self-discovery, roads to recovery, grieving loss, or venturing down paths less traveled.  

Self-Love Coaching Certification Program

Our program trains you as a self-love coach, teaches you high-impact business and marketing systems, offers ongoing group support, and equips you with our proprietary curriculum to use with clients of your own so that you never have to stress about planning or preparing lessons. We make it easy for you to make a difference in the lives of others—no hustle, no confusion, no burnout.

Self-Expansion Unlocked

Self-Expansion Unlocked™ is a 12-week program designed to help you break free from external stressors and negative self-talk so you can learn to uplift others without depleting yourself—through mindset training, healing, and ongoing group fellowship support.



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