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Discover how to leverage the power of your drive to break free from external stressors, release negative self-talk, and unlock a more vibrant and peaceful you.

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You're Admired for Your Drive.

Others are inspired by your success and achievements—they think you're flourishing.

But on the inside...

→  Your daily stress levels far exceed your satisfaction.

→  You've been feeling disconnected from yourself and what's meaningful to you.

→  Overthinking drains your energy and makes it hard to feel connected to people around you. You lose sleep worrying about interactions or what others think of you.

→ You feel pressured to keep up your image and it has become exhausting and unbearable.

→  If you don't exceed your own high expectations, you fear others will see you as incompetent.

→  You've reached great heights and yet somehow never feel good enough. The constant anxiety is overwhelming.


→  Nothing you do or achieve seems to bring a sense of lasting fulfillment or peace into your life.​

it feels confining. 


You find temporary relief through self-care activities, in the pages of the newest personal or professional growth book, perhaps by overindulging in substances like coffee or alcohol, or maybe even by going to therapy.


These things help a little, but...


Nothing seems to remove the crushing weight of external stressors and burnout, nor the critical inner voices of negative self-talk and self-doubt that drain your energy every day.

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" What right do I have to complain about my life when I have so much to be grateful for? "

When you learn how to lead with well-being as your driving force, you'll be able to better serve the people in your life from a place of true fulfillment and inner peace. 

In fact, it is imperative that you address it now. 

Your well-being depends on it.


you have every right to address what FEELS Unfulfilling IN your life.


I'm here to help you do that.

Hi, I'm Jessie, the creator of this Self-Expansion Unlocked™ coaching program and author of Getting Unlocked.

Through this program, I help working professionals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds become more confident and trusting of themselves; find more joy and excitement in their work; step into their power; and access a lasting, holistic system that will help change their lives for the better.

My mission is to help you come home to yourself so you can flourish in all seasons of life.

I know a thing or two about breaking through the confines of stress and negative self-talk. In my personal life, I have been dealing with hair loss since I was eleven years old and have endured 25 corrective surgeries as a result of being born with birth defects from a genetic condition. As a young student, my struggles propelled me to be top of my class and I was the first in my family to go to college, studying business with a concentration in innovation management. To say I was driven would be an understatement.


Before becoming a coach and author, I started my career as a dance educator and performer. I excelled at a young age. I performed onstage with the late Gregory Hines at 16 years old; worked on faculty at an international dance festival in Canada at the age of 20; produced concerts nationally and internationally; and traveled solo across six continents to self-produce a global music video. 


I received much acclaim and respect for my talents, but I was miserable on the inside. My strong drive could not erase how doubtful and insecure I felt at my core. It was a deep-seated disconnection from myself that kept me from appreciating my successes, feeling comfortable with who I am (especially around others), and from truly enjoying life.

As soon as I made a commitment to face my discomfort, it was as if I lit a match that reignited my connection with myself, others, and the world around me. Life started to feel much more meaningful, and I was able to show up for the people in my life without draining myself. I stopped seeking my worth in achievements or approval from others. I found my peace and fulfillment within.

YOU've been HOPING to find fulfillment through greater achievements.

When really, true fulfillment won't be found in new job titles or accolades. Lasting fulfillment lives below the surface of who we present ourselves to be.


What if you didn't have to achieve anything more in order to feel fulfilled and appreciative of your life and who you are right now? Wouldn't you love to meet that version of yourself? 

When you stop letting yourself and your happiness be dependent on labels and achievements, you reconnect with your own vitality—what lights you up and makes you feel alive—and you naturally infuse that back into every aspect of your work and home life. This is the secret ingredient that makes for an unforgettable friend, partner, and leader.

What you're missing... the ability to understand how to connect with yourself in this way so that you don't have to delay your life's satisfaction any longer for the promise of something better in the future. What if you could enjoy life and your continued accomplishments now?

That's where

Self-Expansion UNLOCKEd

comes in

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Discover how to leverage the power of your drive to break free from external stressors, release negative self-talk, and unlock a more vibrant and peaceful you.

What You're Getting

>> Lifetime access to the Self-Expansion Unlocked™ program

>> A Starter Module plus 6 Modules with Videos and Actions

>> 8 Sound Healing Music Tools Created with GRAMMY-Nominated Musician and Producer Josh Rawlings

>> Exclusive Support and Accountability Group

>> [BONUS] Weekly Group Self-Expansion Circle Call—Led by Jessie—Available to You During the Program and After Your Completion for Ongoing Support



What is Self-Expansion?

There's a scientific theory in psychology that says it's important for one's sense of self to expand and grow throughout their life in order to feel satisfied. 


However, what we often fail to understand is that a fulfilling "sense of self" is an inside job. This is a challenging task because our current social systems were not created in a way that encourages us (or affords us the time) to look within. There is no amount of wealth, clothing, cars, or achievements one can accumulate to create a truly stable and healthy sense of self. 


Why? Because then one's happiness is dependent upon external acquisitions and validation from others. It's a highly fear-based existence. The moment any of these things go away or decrease in perceived value, one's sense of self plummets, too. That's not the kind of expansion we're after. We're here to find something unshakeable within ourselves that cannot be taken from us—and goes far deeper than our appearance or accolades.

Feeling Unfulfilled is Not Your Fault...

It's a cultural self-worth deficit affecting millions of people worldwide.


→  Every day we feel pressured by social norms, media, and advertising to hide or fix our flaws. "Never good enough" is our driving force. This breeds perfectionism and self-hatred.


→  Our societies teach us we must prove our worthiness by acquiring more and more on the outside to improve our public-facing image. This breeds disconnection from our (true) self and sense of belonging.

→  Very few of us were taught about our inner world and that we're already—and always will be—whole, no matter our circumstances. This breeds constant anxiety and lack of presence.

Ready to Break Free?

Do you want to know what life feels like beyond the confines of this self-worth deficit?


This is your invitation to join Self-Expansion UNLOCKEd™ where you'll learn how to unlock your authentic self and harness your vitality and power so you can live a life you love. And this isn't a selfish task. Discovering your deepest fulfillment is a necessary part of creating a more inclusive and kind world for everyone in your circle of influence.

Self-Expansion UNLOCKEd

will help you become more:


Get back in touch with yourself—perhaps more deeply than ever before—and unleash your zest for life.  



Rise above negative self-talk and self-criticism so you can move forward with lasting self-love and acceptance.


Get rid of being controlled by other people's expectations so you can experience more conscious, intentional joy at work and at home.


Begin living life on your terms instead of feeling pressured to show up in ways that aren't supporting your well-being.


Realize your higher purpose is to thrive, to know real peace, and to use your gifts to serve others with your fullest potential.



Find deep confidence, self-assuredness, and positive value in your gifts. Access the power that already exists within you to leave a memorable imprint in the lives of others.


Here's a peek into what clients have shared in our exclusive group about the impact of the Self-Expansion UNLOCKEd™ program...

The following are actual responses from clients who've been through the program. The results are truly ASTOUNDING. (Names and photos crossed out to respect privacy.)


Giving You the Three Keys to Your Success

Self-Expansion UNLOCKEd

Expert Guidance

from someone who's been there and will help you see this powerful work through

Custom Curriculum

making it easy for you to learn and integrate changes into your already busy life

Ongoing Support

to keep you inspired, accountable, and motivated to stay the course

The Curriculum

Starter Module


SEU page on ipad.png

This module is the foundation for your journey through Self-Expansion Unlocked. Here, you are guided through a daily practice of starting and ending each day from your space of inner power and peace—and each session only requires an eight minute time investment.

Module One



Here, you learn how to "see" the self-image that your mind has created from years of social conditioning and learn how to start releasing its hold on you so you can redirect yourself toward feeling truly present and fulfilled.

Module Two



When left unexamined, the minds of high achievers breed endless dissatisfaction and stress. After learning how to expand your self-image, it's time to focus on creating a healthy relationship with your own mind. You'll learn how to rise above this far too common pitfall and strengthen your connection to self.

Module Three



This module teaches you another key component of self-expansion: your relationship with your body. Often overlooked in courses for high achievers, redefining your connection to your body (and learning what that even means!) is vital to your long-term fulfillment. It's time to reintegrate that brilliant mind of yours with your body—in a practical, straightforward way.

Module Four



Once you've mastered how to reconnect with yourself via mind and body mastery, your next step is to learn how to strengthen your sense of belonging in your personal and professional arenas. Benefits of belonging work include: unlocking true confidence; feeling at ease around others; and finding it easier to advocate for yourself and others.

Module Five



Here, you complete your deep dive into self-expansion by exploring how to become a master of circumstance. Rather than waiting until life gets easier to find peace, you learn how to tap into an inner calm that guides you through the ups and downs and softens the impact of external stressors—so you can fully embrace life as it comes.

Module Six


pexels-nadezhda-moryak-9162029 copy.jpg

The final module of the course sets you up for long-term success in the implementation of the program and supplemental materials. You have all the tools necessary to move forward in your life with well-being as your driving force. There is a spark in your eyes and a relaxed, honest confidence growing in you. You know your power, your needs, and how to harness your gifts for good.

Ready to Unlock a More Vibrant and Peaceful You?

Enrollment is now open. 


Here are the essentials for the Self-Expansion UNLOCKEdprogram:

→  Rolling admission allows you to start the program as soon as you sign up 

→  Runs for 12 weeks (and a slower pace is welcome, because life happens)

→  Is accessible online anywhere in the world

→  Allows you to login across all devices

→  Includes lifetime access to the program

What You're Getting

>> Lifetime access to the Self-Expansion Unlocked™ program

>> A Starter Module plus 6 Modules with Videos and Actions

>> 8 Sound Healing Music Tools Created with GRAMMY-Nominated Musician and Producer Josh Rawlings

>> Exclusive Support and Accountability Group

>> [BONUS] Weekly Group Self-Expansion Circle Call—Led by Jessie—Available to You During the Program and After Your Completion for Ongoing Support


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